The Five Minute Catholic

The Five Minute Catholic’s 5 Reasons to Get Dressed Up for Mass

Below is a revised version of something that I originally wrote some time ago to share with my kids about dressing up for Mass. I think it is true that God wouldn’t want what we wear to be a barrier for us to go to church and that first and foremost He wants us at Mass no […]

Unity, Pt. 1 Or: Catholic Math — one church plus one church plus one church plus… equals ONE CHURCH

A while ago I was thinking about how many different Catholic churches had supported and played a role in my return to confession/conscious decision to really learn and live my Catholic Faith. From there I started thinking about all of the Catholic churches that have been a part of my life. And as best as […]

Music That Has Brought Tears To My Eyes

Specifically… The Following Lyrics: You see the depths of my heart * And You love me the same —from Indescribable by Chris Tomlin (heard about 3:25 into the song OR about 2:50 into this live performance of the song) ____________________ ____________________ Open your heart, open your heart * For I have loved you from the start —from Song […]