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Where You and I Stand Beneath the Cross

The Mass makes present and effective for us, right here and now, the Victim on the altar of the cross. The death of Jesus is more than a mere fact of history. It is an eternal sacrifice. There are no yesterdays with God. In the infinite Mind of God, to whom all things past are […]

The Mass: circa 150 A.D.

As we read in the Gospels the description of the Last Supper, and compare the simplicity of that scene with the Mass as it is offered in our churches today, we are conscious of the great development that has taken place in the ceremonial of the holy sacrifice over two thousand years. It is a […]

A Candle is Worth a Thousand Years

In time for the final Sunday of Advent is this audio clip from earlier this week on Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show. Drew’s guest, Fr. Nicholas Federspiel, talks about the Advent Wreath and the Advent teachings of Fr. Alfred Delp. “In a half an hour I’ll know more than you do.” —Fr. Alfred Delp (as told by Drew […]

Law Cubed

Children of God stand above present things; they contemplate those that are eternal. …they do not allow temporal things to attract them, nor do they cling to them; instead they make those earthly things serve the end and purpose for which God made and ordained them. For the Divine Artist did not leave anything in […]

Open My Eyes

Good Morning, my beloved disciple, I am with you today. You must come to see. Today’s Encounter…Jesus Speaking (Mt. 9:27-31) C Fri. of First Wk. Of Advent. Your life is blossoming right before your eyes and you do not see it. Life blossoms in three ways, one becomes transformed in relationship with me, one comes to […]

Read Prayerfully

Does lectio divina in itself differ from other serious reading? Yes, it does. We should read for spiritual profit, not for mere curiosity or to ‘get through with it’ or to be delighted with the wit or brilliance of the author –though these latter are fine byproducts. We choose a suitable time and a quiet […]