The Five Minute Catholic writes a little about happiness, and then defers to St. John Vianney.

Below are some thoughts about finding happiness that I wrote a couple of years or more ago in some emails. I guess ideally I’d not be trying to find happiness in things, places, etc. I believe I know the Source of happiness, and so I know how I’d like to truly answer that question [about […]

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Habits

The Catholic tradition is rich with spiritual practices that we can integrate into the days and seasons of our life. We should not try to reinvent the wheel here. Daily: prayer, spiritual reading and Mass whenever possible Weekly: Sabbath rest Monthly: spiritual direction, confession, support group Yearly: retreat (preferably silent) —from the online article These […]

The Laws of Nature and Contentment

It must lead to the formation of a new and different human type, when a whole class is forced into migration, following its changing centres of employment, and family circles are constantly threatened with disruption, and people are continually being packed together with strangers. The tie of blood is no myth, but a stubborn biological […]

Why God Thirsts For Us

No wonder Our Crucified Redeemer thirsted for us on the Cross—thirsted for our unresponsive hearts and dulled souls. Nor let us think that His thirst is a proof of His need, but of our own. He does not need us for His perfection any more than we need the flower that blooms outside our window […]

..and Even More Greed

This Catholic Answers article, The Sin of Greed by Christopher Kaczor, is a bit lengthy but excellent. Here are some highlights. Greed is the disordered love of riches. We should love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves, but we can begin to love money more than God and more than our neighbor. Greed […]

The Most Thrilling Joy Ever Known

Humble folk often believe that walking with God is above their heads or that they may “lose a good time” if they share all their joys with God. What tragic misunderstanding, to regard Him as a killer of happiness! A growing chorus of joyous voices around the world fairly sings that spending their hours with […]

That’s Heaven!

I have no idea what heaven will look like. I’ve got a very strong hunch, though, that it will include the best versions of the things and people I love most on earth. That’s not wild speculation. Salvation history, as read in the Bible and in our lives, is the story of God patiently—ever so […]