On Miracles and “Miracles”

In this sense, “the miracle of childbirth” is not a miracle. Finding peace is not a miracle. Finding a job is not a miracle. It jars with our sense of piety, but the Catholic Encyclopedia makes the point rather clear: even “the justification of the sinner, the Eucharistic Presence, the sacramental effects, are not miracles […]

The Miracle of Birth

[W]e often talk about the “miracle of birth”. However a miracle is an event that occurs with no human/natural explanation. At Christmas we celebrate the only true Miracle of Birth that occurred once in human history. —from the blog post A Christmas Thought by Dr. Joe Strauss

John 9 Commentary

What an example of firm faith the blind man gives us! […] What power could the water possibly contain that when the blind man’s eyes were moistened with it they were cured? Surely some mysterious eye salve, or precious medicine made up in the laboratory of some wise alchemist, would have done better? But the […]

God and Miracles and Human Collaboration

God has ordered the world in such a way that even his greatest miracles don’t usually happen without human collaboration. The Bible didn’t drop down from the clouds; it was passed down in oral and written for by people who could have gone home instead and lain down on the couch. Babies don’t show up […]