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Sex and the Eucharist

For the present, we must clarify the simple fact that saying, “Handle with care”—or even “Handle with extreme care”—is in no way synonymous with saying, “This is bad.” In fact, what are those things in life that we handle with the most care? The things that have the most inherent value. It’s because sex is […]

Rebellion and More About True Freedom

—from the blog post The Spirit of Rebellion by Marc Barnes who blogs at Bad Catholic Now at a first glance, it would seem that the assertion of freedom against the demands of an Almighty God fits neatly into our category of rebellion. The Lord sayeth “Thou shall not commit adultery.” We assert the fact […]

Following Christ, Keeping His Commandments, and Making Moral Judgments

We are free to make our own choices. The Church never imposes her teaching. But the Church does boldly and fearlessly propose her teachings to the world as the truth of what it means to love. We’re free to embrace the Church’s proposal or reject it. Love can’t be forced on anybody. While it’s true that God alone can […]

True Freedom

Suppose you just purchased a new car and are pulling into a gas station to fill it up for the first time. The sticker by the gas tank reads “unleaded gas only.” Now, the person that designed the car knows it inside and out. He knows what’s best for it. It would be foolish to […]

Unity, Pt. 3 Or: Catholic

With no visible head to point to for a unity in faith, the non-Catholic is left with penning his unique confessional statement in order to identify his beliefs amongst the choices floating out there. … Meanwhile, when a Catholic confesses to adhering to the Magisterium, what that Catholic admits submitting to is best expressed in […]

Unity, Pt. 2 Or: Why Catholicism is Not a Guessing Game

In other words, we live in a culture that rejects objective truth. “That may be true for you, but not for me,” people say. Or, “Anybody’s opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.” We’ve all been affected by these attitudes. But Jesus taught something very different. He taught that he is the truth (see […]

Unity, Pt. 1 Or: Catholic Math — one church plus one church plus one church plus… equals ONE CHURCH

A while ago I was thinking about how many different Catholic churches had supported and played a role in my return to confession/conscious decision to really learn and live my Catholic Faith. From there I started thinking about all of the Catholic churches that have been a part of my life. And as best as […]