Church History

Why Would We Ever Want to Be Anywhere Else?

“But things are going so wrong now!”, some say. In the satirical writings, dialogues, of the 14th c. Italian author Boccaccio there is story about a Jew who has to go to Rome for something.  The local Bishop has been trying to get the Jew to convert the Christianity.  Knowing the Jew was about to […]

What Happened to the Apostles?

I saw this at ChurchPOP.

A Living Church

The fact is that no church looks exactly the same as that of the New Testament era, and, since Christ founded a living Church, one should expect it, like any living thing, to grow and mature, changing somewhat in appearance while maintaining the same identity and substance, holding on to the original deposit of faith […]

Reality and Universality

For some, the study of Christian behavior over the centuries, with all its horrors, has led to doubt, cynicism, even atheism. They see church councils bickering over petty jealousies, popes amassing wealth, bishops fathering children, monks living in dissipation; and at that dismaying sight, they lose faith. For me, however, Church history became one long […]

The Mass: circa 150 A.D.

As we read in the Gospels the description of the Last Supper, and compare the simplicity of that scene with the Mass as it is offered in our churches today, we are conscious of the great development that has taken place in the ceremonial of the holy sacrifice over two thousand years. It is a […]