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Sacraments Illustrated

Two pictures from an illustrated Baltimore Catechism that I saw here. I like the caption on this one. I like the analogy used in this one.   Advertisements

The Evil One Cannot Stay

The evil one cannot stay in a relationship that is being filled by Jesus Christ. —from Healing the Family Tree by Dr. Kenneth McAll, Ch. 7: The Dark World

On Being Able to Do His Will

Jesus, confronted by a leper, was filled with compassion for the sufferer, and the more we can identify with the feelings of Jesus towards a person, the greater is the degree to which we are able to do his will on behalf of that person. —from Healing the Family Tree by Dr. Kenneth McAll, Ch. […]

To Believe the Gospel

For to believe what you please, and not to believe what you please, is to believe yourselves, and not the gospel. —St. Augustine, Contra Faustum, 17,3

Drop Your Chains

Children drop your chains and sing! —from the song The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North on the album The Struggle + “I wish that we could just call each other out while lifting each other up.” —Tenth Avenue North lead singer Mike Donehey speaking about the inspiration for the song The Struggle. See the full […]


Oh, Lord, light up my dark eyes Teach me to let go I’ve been running Chasing nothing but shadows Oh, Lord, please come and Raise my dead heart, let me know You can keep me from Chasing after the shadows —partial lyrics from the song Shadows by Tenth Avenue North on the album The Struggle


Fore-give-ness is love given before another has either given it , earned it, accepted it, or even understood it. It is the Father running out to embrace his prodigal son even before he knows whether the son has come repenting of all the destruction he has caused, or whether he might be returning just to […]