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The Most Thrilling Joy Ever Known

Humble folk often believe that walking with God is above their heads or that they may “lose a good time” if they share all their joys with God. What tragic misunderstanding, to regard Him as a killer of happiness! A growing chorus of joyous voices around the world fairly sings that spending their hours with […]

The Possibility of Doing Something About Death

For the Christian, the fear of death is changed from a trembling in the face of an unavoidable doom to a trembling over the possibility of not being in loving-unitive relation with the one who does not die. All things considered, I prefer the Christian trembling. No one may choose not to be annihilated by […]

It’s Spring Again, Charlie Brown

This is My Body

The spirit of the Antichrist says, through his deluded slaves who think they are asserting their freedom, “This is my body, not Yours. You did not create me. You have no rights over me. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. When I die, I will not repent […]