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Suffering Redeemed in Music and in Jesus

But it is not enough that a rock musician becomes suffering. He could scream out of his window and achieve the same effect. It must be redemptive. Suffering sung is suffering that has been separated from the singer’s life and given a new life as an object apart from him and the turmoil with which he […]

The Acts of the Apostles and Church Authority

In the online article Three Biblical Arguments for the Authority of the Church for Catholic Exchange, Dave Armstrong highlights three passages. Below is what he wrote about one of those passages. Click on the link above to read rest of this well-written defense of Church authority. Acts 16:4: As they went on their way through […]

Morality and the Piano of Life

The Pharisee who went up to the temple to pray has millions of lineal descendants in this generation who say, “I have no need of a code of a creed.” In this they are like the five-year-old child playing the piano who makes up the notes as he goes along; having no standard, he can never be […]


But when the Sacred Human Story elevated to the status of Sacred Tradition is about some of the bigger issues in human existence—nations, blood, race, economics, sex, family, etc.—these things can often loom so large in our minds that we are tempted to elevate them to the altar and confuse them with the Word of […]

Chesterton on A Sort of Human Sacrifice Offered to a New and Nameless God

I read an article by the admirable Mr. Tilden, the great tennis-player, who was debating what is wrong with English Tennis. “Nothing can save English Tennis!” he said, except certain reforms of a fundamental sort, which he proceeded to explain.  […] He thoroughly knows his subject and yet he does not know what he is talking […]

The Five Minute Catholic’s 5 Reasons to Get Dressed Up for Mass

Below is a revised version of something that I originally wrote some time ago to share with my kids about dressing up for Mass. I think it is true that God wouldn’t want what we wear to be a barrier for us to go to church and that first and foremost He wants us at Mass no […]

At Least Two Reasons Why How You Dress for Mass Matters

How you dress matters. There are at least two reasons why. First, because of what it says to others. Dressing nicely communicates respect and honor. When you dress specially for Mass, you’re telling God, “You are worth the effort; you deserve my best.” It tells your fellow worshippers, “I take Mass seriously; it’s not just […]