Chesterton vs. Trends and Fads That Undermine the Family

Chesterton was so consistently right in his pronouncements and prophecies because he understood that anything that attacked the family was bad for society. That is why he spoke out against eugenics and contraception, against divorce and “free love” (another term he disliked because of its dishonesty), but also against wage slavery and compulsory state-sponsored education […]

Marriage and Heaven

That is why Pope John Paul II taught that marriage, in addition to being about union and fruitfulness, was also ordered toward the “healing, perfection, and exaltation” of the spouses. Marriage between the baptized doesn’t just lead to the care and nurture of children. It leads to Heaven. —from the blog post What Catholics Need […]

Sister Lucia of Fatima on The Final Battle Between the Lord and the Reign of Satan

In 2008, after offering Holy Mass at the tomb of Padre Pio, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra was asked about the spiritual warfare over the battleground of the family. In his day, Cardinal Caffarra was founding President of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, and was closely involved with the preparation […]

Saint John Paul II on What Marriage Must Provide

Marriage, objectively considered, must provide first of all the means of continuing existence, secondly a conjugal life for man and woman, and thirdly a legitimate orientation for desire. (p. 66) The Church, in arranging the objective purposes of love in a particular order, seeks to emphasize that procreation is objectively, ontologically, a more important purpose than that man and woman should […]

A Closer Look At the Inseparable Natures of Sex

Make some time to read rest of this exceptional article,The Role of Sex in Marriage by Pete Jermann at Crisis Magazine. Humanae Vitae recognized that sexual relations between married adults could be both unitive and procreative, clearly indicating that sex had value beyond simple procreation. But in recognizing the unitive nature of sex as different from […]

Sex and the Eucharist

For the present, we must clarify the simple fact that saying, “Handle with care”—or even “Handle with extreme care”—is in no way synonymous with saying, “This is bad.” In fact, what are those things in life that we handle with the most care? The things that have the most inherent value. It’s because sex is […]

Love Naturally?

…I’ve heard them say over and over, “Love shouldn’t be this hard, it should come naturally.” In response I always say something like: “Why believe that? Would someone who wants to play professional baseball say, ‘It shouldn’t be so hard to hit a fastball’? Would someone who wants to write the greatest American novel of […]