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The Most Effective Means to Sanctity

If we want to revitalize religious life, we need to rethink our methodology.  We need to stop telling people to look within their hearts for an innate desire for religious life. […] Theresa of Avila even tells us that she became a nun, against her own desires, because she “saw that the religious state was the best […]

Sins Committed vs. Sins Confessed and Forgiven

One reason that Peter was so credible and remains so credible to this very day is that we can all somehow relate to his story. He screwed up, and he screwed up bad. There was nothing he could do to fix himself except throw himself at the mercy of Jesus, which is exactly what he […]

Lord, to whom would we go?

As the disciples learned, sometimes Jesus’ and His Church’s teachings are hard. The solution isn’t to soften them. The solution is not to look for someone who twists Jesus’ teachings to suit our opinions. The solution is to change our lives to fit Christ’s and the Church’s guidance. That includes his tough words on the […]

Freedom and Truth

Here’s the point: freedom and truth are not extrinsic to one another. The truth isn’t incidental to the nature of freedom. For freedom to be free, it must stand in dialogical communion with the truth. Freedom has content. To round out the point, we aren’t made free in circumventing the truth. We’re made free on […]

TV Imitating Life Imitating TV

Below is the intro to the internet article The Mysterious Drama of Reality by Rachel Lu at Aleteia. Have you ever wanted to be a character in your favorite television show? Of course you have. Me too. Television is the warm blanket that we pull over ourselves when we need a little break from the harshness […]

Saint John Paul II on What Marriage Must Provide

Marriage, objectively considered, must provide first of all the means of continuing existence, secondly a conjugal life for man and woman, and thirdly a legitimate orientation for desire. (p. 66) The Church, in arranging the objective purposes of love in a particular order, seeks to emphasize that procreation is objectively, ontologically, a more important purpose than that man and woman should […]

A Closer Look At the Inseparable Natures of Sex

Make some time to read rest of this exceptional article,The Role of Sex in Marriage by Pete Jermann at Crisis Magazine. Humanae Vitae recognized that sexual relations between married adults could be both unitive and procreative, clearly indicating that sex had value beyond simple procreation. But in recognizing the unitive nature of sex as different from […]