Verbal and Melodic Icons of Jesus Christ Or: “He who sings prays twice.”

Almost every parish in the United States and Canada has such a story to tell. A priest instructs workmen to take away the statues of the saints and throw them in the pond. A bishop orders the removal of wooden pews boasting hand-carved reliefs of local Appalachian flora and fauna. What is harder to notice, […]

Church on Sunday

Someone emailed me last week and said he “had church” with his family the previous Sunday when he took the gang down to the beach for a swim. It was “fun” and they “enjoyed each other.” It was “sacred in its own way,” he said. That may be true, but we have 168 hours in […]

Mythology, Philosophy, and Christendom

The crux and crisis is that man found it natural to worship; even natural to worship unnatural things. The posture of the idol might be stiff and strange; but the gesture of the worshipper was generous and beautiful. He not only felt freer when he bent; he actually felt taller when he bowed. Henceforth anything […]

Worshiping in Church Or: How To See the Invisible Through the Visible

Our earthly worship environment should help us see what we can’t see. It should strive to imitate its heavenly counterpart, which we glimpse through Revelation. Too often our liturgical are, music and architecture bow to utility and economy, when they should bow to the transcendent. John’s vision inspires us to rethink the ways we design […]

On Worshiping With Our Whole Being — Body and Soul, Pt. 1

God united divinity and humanity in the person of Christ not to free us from our bodies but to redeem them and all creation. God made us with souls and bodies. God wants us to worship him with our whole being—body and soul. Bowing and kneeling, robes, thrones and crowns, white, scarlet and purple, incense, […]