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By the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

It is helpful to have a Doctor of Souls to help us name the demons that afflict us. For having named a demon, we have more power over it and learn its moves: Demon, your name is “laziness” and “distaste” for hard work. By the joyful mysteries of the Lord’s Life, be gone. Demon your […]

What To Do. What To Do.

And where is He? In many places, and in may ways—in human hearts, and in the poor, and in the good social causes that fight for the good in a world full of evil, and in the living word of scripture. But above all, in the Eucharist. Why “above all” there? Because there alone He […]

Christianity’s Non-invention

“John,” I said, “I don’t know what you’re like, but I know what I’m like. And I know what God is like—at least the God I say I believe in. That God is infinite; and He’s all-wise, so He knows everything about me. He’s all-good, too, and all righteous, and perfectly holy. And he commands […]

Is Anyone Following the New Testament?

My friend Ian tells a story from the days when he was a Baptist preacher serving a small congregation in Texas. Ian zealously tried to bring the Gospel not only to the established families in his little church, but to their less-fortunate neighbors, many of whom were very poor. He was so successful that the […]

Oceans of Mercy

It isn’t that God comes out a richer deity because of what we give Him. The law is not for His sake. Our holiness is not for His gain. It’s for us. He gives us the law because of His mercy. … With eyes of faith, we do not wonder why God allows so much […]

Love Beyond the Call of Duty

Love is manifest in self-giving, self-sacrifice, and self-denial. God is commanding us to an absolute unswerving commitment to holiness, because He knows that our happiness and fulfillment depend on it. If we obey completely and totally, all we’ve done is pay the minimum requirement. “We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our […]

Our True Birth

Death is meant to be our true birth, our beginning. Christianity, in contrast to paganism, always blesses her children’s spiritual birth into eternity; in the liturgy, the day on which a saint dies is called his natilitia, or birthday. The world celebrates a birthday on the day a person is born to physical life; the […]