If Man Wants to Imitate Christ

196 Christ’s public life is rooted in and supported by the silent prayer of his hidden life…. If man wants to imitate Christ, it is enough for him to observe his silences. + The virtue of silence does not mean that we must never speak. It invites us to remain mute when there are no […]

Mother Teresa, Prayer, and Acts of Charity

55. I remember the strong, distressing words of Mother Teresa to a young priest, Angelo Comastri, who today is a cardinal archpriest of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. In his book Dio scrive dritto, there are magnificent passages. Here is his account of that upsetting encounter with the saint… The Sister went away for a […]

And then?

                          From the Sacred Art Series website: St. Philip Neri encouraged his spiritual children to meditate on a spiritual maxim or saying throughout each day. St. Philip Neri had so many of these sayings that, eventually, his followers organized them so there’s one […]

The Five Minute Catholic writes a little about happiness, and then defers to St. John Vianney.

Below are some thoughts about finding happiness that I wrote a couple of years or more ago in some emails. I guess ideally I’d not be trying to find happiness in things, places, etc. I believe I know the Source of happiness, and so I know how I’d like to truly answer that question [about […]

On Relics and Reverence For the Bodies of the Dead

Angels are pure spirit; animals and plants are purely physical matter. Our glory is to unite the material and the spiritual within our own person. Jesus crowns this human glory in the Incarnation. + There is a tendency today to conclude that when a person dies he is no longer here; he has gone away […]

Attaining Holiness: Our Efforts and God’s Grace

Although asceticism is necessary for the spiritual life, we must realize that in a certain sense all asceticism is destined to fail. Human beings cannot change themselves by their own power. We must desire holiness and do all we can to acquire it. [Saint] Therese said: “I don’t want to be a saint by halves!” […]

The Gap Between Me and the Saints

STUPID: I know some people can become saints, but I’m not one of them. The gap between me and the saints is like the gap between a pebble and a mountain. SENSIBLE: I have four answers to that. First, a pebble is a part of a mountain. It’s made of the same stuff. Second, all […]