The Eucharist

Happiness, the Prosperity Gospel, and…

the Part at the End (which I’ve highlighted in red) That I Think Alludes to Why Only Practicing Catholics Who Are in a State of Grace Should Receive the Eucharist It’s better to yearn for Christ without knowing that He is the one for which you yearn than to feel no yearning for Christ because […]

The Dying Thief and the Pelican

Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) sets the gold standard for Eucharistic hymns….Let us look at his Adoro Te, translated into English as Lost, All Lost in Wonder, by the great Jesuit poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins: Godhead here in hiding, whom I do adore, Masked by these bare shadows, shape and nothing more, See, Lord, at thy service […]

God, Shockingly Small

“I must go out into nature,” said Aaser, “If I am to find my God. He doesn’t submit to be shut up in a low, narrow church built by men.” Paul thought it was rather nauseating to hear such things said. Besides, he had a vague suspicion that a God who submitted to confined in […]

A Reaction to the Most Essential Part of the Mass

—So he remained seated and felt pretty uncomfortable for a while. Now came the most essential part of the Mass. He tried to follow, but could not remember what the priest was saying or what his movements signified, though he had read about it once.— But in the stillness which suddenly filled the church, when […]

Conversion, Then Communion

It’s a very specific debate about whether conversion and repentance are necessary, not for community, but for communion: The reception of the eucharist, the body and blood of Christ, during the central act of Catholic worship, the sacrifice of the mass. And by claiming — or at least very strongly implying —that Jesus’s meals with sinners are the […]

Sacraments Illustrated

Two pictures from an illustrated Baltimore Catechism that I saw here. I like the caption on this one. I like the analogy used in this one.  

It’s Simple

Almost every week, I find a new book or a new resource or a new system designed to help the faithful grow closer to God, and I think, “Aha! This is the one that will finally make the difference!” But I think that what God is trying to tell me is, “Sweetheart, why are you making […]