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To Do What Christ Did: 4 Things

Put it like this: the basic mission of the church is to be the Body of Christ on earth. She does what Christ did, and these are four things: 1. Teach the Truth 2. Heal the Sick 3. Forgive Sins 4. Take authority over evil. The basic mission of the church is therefore to bring […]

Stay Near the Fire

On a cold night it’s a good idea to stay near the fire. When our faith cools it’s a better idea to stick to the warmth of Christ’s presence. One of the reasons for adoration of the Eucharist is that the experience fires up our love for Jesus. Instead of being detached and dull Catholics, […]

The Search for the Name and Face of Happiness is Over

This is the kind of hunger we see in these young people, who often come to us to share our adoration, but we also see them coming from all over the world to experience Hinduism, and often they are caught up in it. When they do come back to us I ask them, “Isn’t Jesus […]

Jesus Is Here With Us… Physically I Mean. No Really, He Is.

They asked their kids why they didn’t believe the Catholic faith and the answer was stark and simple: “If it really is the body and blood of Christ and he is really present–why don’t Catholics–priests included (or should I say priests especially) behave as if it is so?” —from the blog post Help My Kids Still Aren’t […]