What Worship Looks Like in the Bible and in a Traditional Catholic Mass

So would Jesus recognize the Catholic worship that goes on in the great cathedrals and Catholic churches? There are clearly differences between Catholic and Jewish worship, but think of the things Jesus would recognize: Splendid and ornate temple of God Priests in fine vestments Set readings from the Old Testament The chanting of psalms The burning of […]

The Difference Between Redundancy and Repetition in the Liturgy

“The importance of Christ-centered and shared repetition in our collaborative mission as the Church requires that we avoid the addition of words or gestures that are alien to the rites and liturgical texts provided us by the Church,” said Bishop Michael Olson of Ft. Worth, Texas. “Even though such liturgical abuses might at first glance […]

Rene Descartes and the Latin Mass

What Vatican II did with the Mass, Rene Descartes did with the Academy. From the founding of the first university in Bologna, Latin was the language of the schools. […]Descartes deliberately published his first important work—The Discourse on the Method—in French. His action was shocking and, in the minds of many in the Church and […]