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On Hiatus, 50 Ways to Talk to God, and the Post Where I Strongly Encourage You to Buy and Repeatedly Listen to Audrey Assad’s Newest Album, Fortunate Fall

I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from updating this blog… at least from now until sometime after the seasons of Advent and Christmas (and maybe longer). In the meantime, here are some ideas for anyone who has happened to find and has routinely followed and shared this blog. Use this time to try these […]

Love and Truth

[Pope] Francis instinctively operates on an understanding that I needed to learn: Most people do not come to Christ through Truth first. Most people come to Christ prompted by an encounter with Beauty or an experience of Goodness. Love and Truth cannot be separated, of course, but in this era of disconnection, isolation, and despair, Love […]

What the Church Offers

The world offers celebrities to idolize…the Church offers Saints to follow. The world offers noise…the Church offers Peace. The world offers false dreams…the Church offers the Truth. The world offers and celebrates vice…the Church offers a life of Virtue. The world offers earthly pleasures…the Church offers eternal Heaven + “In former times, Christians were incited to renounce Christ; now they are taught to deny Christ.  Then they were forced, now they are taught; […]


But here is the core problem. Here is the practical reason why people are not convinced of the Catholic faith anymore: We Catholics don’t look or act any different than non-catholics. It’s that simple. The question we must answer is “if Catholicism offers a better way, why don’t Catholics’ lives seem any better?” If we […]

What is Truth?

Of all the cultures and all the philosophies and all the religions which have been known in the world of men, none have placed truth on as high a pedestal as the Catholic Faith. Truth is literally our God. Truth is one of the Divine attributes, and each of God’s attributes is identical with His […]

Steps Towards Holiness

1. Daily Prayer + 2. Daily Mass + 3. Daily Fidelity to the Liturgy of the Hours + 4. Daily Spiritual Reading + Click here for more. —from Called to be holy: Cardinal Dolan’s 10-step guide to holiness  an OSV Daily Take article by Cardinal Timothy Dolan and an edited excerpt from his book Called to Be Holy

The Shortcut

The Christian life is not the secret to success, but the shortcut to sainthood. It is not here to cure your pain so much as to keep you from wasting it. —from the blog post Don’t get too comfortable by Matthew Warner of The Radical Life