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The True Protagonist of Prayer

In prayer, then, the true protagonist is God. The protagonist is Christ, who constantly frees creation from slavery to corruption and leads it toward liberty, for the glory of the children of God. The protagonist is the Holy Spirit, who “comes to the aid of our weakness.” We begin to pray, believing that it is […]

Something to Sing and Shout About

“You’re able to shout when your team makes a goal, but you cannot sing the Lord’s praises?” —Pope Francis, from his morning homily on January 28, 2014 + Song: Undignified by Matt Redman

Love and What God Meant It To Be

And we pray for all love in the world and that the lovers today will not cheat on each other and that love will be a way to share God forever. And now let’s pray 5 Our Father’s to pray that love will change from what it is today to what God meant it to be. […]

Kids at Mass and All of Your Neighbors

“If I’m going to be completely pro-life, I gotta be pro-crying in the church.” —Fr. Andrew Kurz on Morning Air with Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio on 2/11/14 (Hear more in the clip below.) + Be kind to all of your neighbors ‘cuz they’re just like you and you’re nothing special unless they are too. […]

Abortion and the Devil’s Greatest Trick

The abortion struggle of the past four decades teaches a very useful lesson.  Evil talks a lot about “tolerance” when it’s weak.  When evil is strong, real tolerance gets pushed out the door.  And the reason is simple.  Evil cannot bear the counter-witness of truth.  It will not co-exist peacefully with goodness, because evil insists […]

“There’s angels all around the room. Because of Jesus.”

In this interview Lenny Kravitz tells about his father’s deathbed conversion. I came across this excerpt in the blog post The Devil in Ordinary by Fr. Dwight Longenecker who blogs at Standing on my Head. Eventually, his father had to go to hospital. That’s where it happened. ‘It sounds like…’ Kravitz begins, and then says, […]

From a Conversation with a Former Satanist and the Devil’s Favorite Lie

From Fr. Andrew Trapp’s conversation with a former Satanist in France: The poor guy probably felt like he was being interrogated by the CIA by this point, but knowing that I might never have this opportunity again, I asked Nicolas one final question. I told him that I had also heard that those who were […]