Pain, Sacrifice, Love, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Sacrifice without love is pain. Pain with love is sacrifice. Pain without love is misery. Love without pain is heaven. Love with pain is purgatory. Pain without love is hell. —Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Wartime Prayer Book —I came across the quote above in the Opening the Word program – March 18, 2018, Year B on […]

Belief in Heaven and Hell

Lewis: No, wait. Let’s not get bogged down in the swamps of “spiritual senses.” Let’s use words as literally has we can. I have not been in either heaven or hell. Kennedy: Fine. Then how can you possibly know anything about them? Lewis: I’ve been told. Kennedy: What? What do you mean? Lewis: Do you […]

The Only Possible Solution

—from the blog post Gorillas, Internet Mobs, and the Culture of the Living Dead by Jenny Uebbing at Mamma Needs Coffee We’ve thresholded to a new echelon of humanity, where the old stodgy moral norms of the Abrahamic religious traditions can at last be swept away like so much patriarchal tartar, built up over millennia […]

Saint Padre Pio on Hell

Someone once asked the famous mystic Padre Pio, what he thought of modern people who didn’t believe in hell. His blunt reply was, “They will believe in hell when they get there.” + Is God too good to send someone to hell? It could be that God is so good that he gives everyone exactly […]