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The Mysterious Link

Eventually, the bishop gave his approval, and Mother founded the Missionaries of Charity, whose general purpose she described as follows: “To satiate the thirst of Jesus Christ on the Cross for Love and Souls.” From the beginning of the new congregation, Mother Teresa began to experience “such terrible darkness” in her soul “as if everything […]

From the Horse’s Mouth

Emphasis below is the author’s. __________ “Good Morning, Mr. [Jerry] Barker,” said the gentleman. “I should be glad to make some arrangements with you for taking Mrs. Briggs regularly to church on Sunday mornings. We go to the New Church now, and that is rather farther than she can walk.” … “Yes, sir, that is true, […]

God: In Brief

IN BRIEF 228     “Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God is one LORD…” (Dt 6:4; Mk 12:29). “The supreme being must be unique, without equal… If God is not one, he is not God” (Tertullian, Adv. Marc., 1, 3, 5: PL 2, 274). 229     Faith in God leads us to turn to him alone as our first origin and […]

Saint Andrew Sings

Andrew went to Greece. Some listened and became Christian. But some hated Andrew because they hated Jesus. So they nailed Andrew to a Cross. Andrew sang with joy because, like Jesus, he could die on the Cross. He hung for two days on the Cross telling everyone about Jesus. Then he went gloriously to heaven. […]

No Time for Tea

NT Wright relates the wonderful story of an Anglican bishop who said, “when Paul preached, there were riots; when I preach, they serve me tea.” If our teaching of the faith is too often tepid and uninspiring, authentic Christian proclamation is as subversive and explosive as the earthquake that shook the prison walls in Philippi. (Acts […]

Into the Next Room

Today the Church celebrates All Souls Day. My sister shared this with me in an email from the book listed below about Padre Pio and his devotion to the souls in purgatory. I have not read this book yet but really liked this passage that she shared with me. Togetherness Death is nothing at all […]