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The Only Answers Are at the Foot of the Cross

I believe without doubt that this nation, as well as the rest of the world, is under satanic assault. Time was, Old Scratch hid himself behind the lie that he didn’t exist, that the devil and all his works were dark fairy tells used to scare adult children. The devil hid and worked entirely through […]

The Right to Life Cannot Be Contextualized

For Catholics, no political or social issue stands in isolation.  But neither are all pressing issues equal in foundational importance or gravity.  The right to life undergirds all other rights and all genuine social progress.  It cannot be set aside or contextualized in the name of other “rights” or priorities without prostituting the whole idea […]

There is no other book that allows this kind of communication with God.

In A Catholic Guide to the Bible, Father Oscar Lukefahr says, “Each time we open the Bible, we dial God’s number. When we pick up the Bible, God says, ‘Hello.’” Let’s go deep: “When we pick up the Bible, God, who is not limited by time or space, speaks to us through the same words […]

Community and Beauty

You are beautiful, says Katy Perry, without having seen you. I am beautiful, you must agree, without having seen yourself. But our insecurities cannot be healed by bursts of individuality when they are a direct result of the destruction of community. Our fashionable self-affirmations do not represent a greater awareness of our individual worth, a […]

Familiarity, Love, and Beauty

In every other field of knowing, familiarity and affection are seen as Rather Good Things. The marine biologist with an undying passion for plankton, the physicist who spends twenty years investigating a single theoretical particle — these are the people we trust to say true things about the objects given to their attention. Why is […]

Old Errors and New Labels

[W]hat is often called “modern” is only a new label for an old error, and what is called “behind the times” is really “beyond time” and outside of fashions… —from Old Errors and New Labels by Fulton Sheen, in the Preface + To some minds, of course, the startling will always appear to be the profound. […]

Faith, Science, and the Story of Creation in Genesis

However, the Pontifical Biblical Commission issued a decision more than a century ago that is helpful, titled “Concerning the Historical Nature of the First Three Chapters of Genesis” (1909). It is worth reading: The first three chapters of Genesis contain narratives of real events, no myths, no mere allegories or symbols of religious truths and […]