On Venial Sins, Judging, and Mercy

—from the blog post Are “Little Sins” No Big Deal? by Sr. Theresa Alethieia Noble at the National Catholic Register Venial sins are ugly. In some ways they are uglier than grave sins when they are committed by people who have fuller knowledge of God’s law. And yet how easily we give ourselves a pass […]

The Inextricable Dignity of Fallen Giants (and Every Person)

I have learned that not only are my heroes fallible in ways big and small, but I am too. I have learned that in the midst of my sins and shortcomings, I hunger more for mercy and less for justice. I have come to understand that the world’s shallow judgement of success and failure is […]

Your Mercies Are New

—New Every Morning by Audrey Assad from Inheritance

The Application of Divine Mercy

The message of Divine Mercy is that no sinner should be afraid to approach the Lord who is infinitely merciful and eager to forgive sin. But mercy cannot be applied to souls unless they acknowledge that they need mercy and respond to the offer of mercy with humility, repentance, and faith. —from the pamphlet The […]

The second thing is…

—from the article Leading African cardinal critiques Vatican spokesman Fr. Rosica at LifeSite News + Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins spoke on a similar theme as Napier’s tweet during his intervention at the Synod this year, emphasizing the need to promote repentance and conversion while the Church accompanies people. He described his three-minute speech to Catholic News […]

Disagreement Vs. Discrimination / Mercy Vs. Moral Relativism

We all need God’s forgiveness. The pope has said, “I am a sinner.” The Catholic Church’s response to our human frailty is not condemnation but mercy. There may be no institution that understands this better. + Mercy is not the same as moral relativism. Disagreement is not the same as discrimination. —from the Washington Post’s […]

Have Mercy On Us and On the Whole World