John Paul II

How St. John Paul II Prayed for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

From his childhood, his father instilled in Karol a strong devotion to the Holy Spirit. He recalled his father telling him, “You don’t pray to the Holy Spirit enough. You ought to pray to him.” Karol, Sr., gave him a prayer book on the Holy Spirit, which he used throughout his life, and also taught […]

The Family That Prays Together

5 Ways to Begin Praying the Rosary (and as a family too) Just start praying it. Use this guide and give it try. Instead of starting by praying full decades of Hail Marys, start by praying a “full” Rosary except only pray 1 Hail Mary instead of 10 per decade. Then over time, add more Hail […]

We Love Mary Because of Christ

The following are reflections from the 33 Day Marian Consecration put together by Dr. Taylor Marshall and the New St. Thomas Institute. It includes quotes and teachings from 33 Catholic Saints. Day 1: Saint John Paul II Saint John Paul II called his own 33 Day Consecration to Mary the “major turning point” of his […]

Love is always ‘becoming’

Love is never something ready made, something merely ‘given’ to man and woman, it is always at the same time a ‘task’ which they are set. Love should be seen as something which in a sense never ‘is’ but is always only ‘becoming’, and what it becomes depends upon the contribution of both persons and the depth of their commitment. […]

Love and Desiring Good For Another Person

The great moral force of true love lies precisely in this desire for the happiness, for the true good, of another person. This is what makes it possible for a man to be reborn because of love, makes him aware of the riches within him, his spiritual fertility and creativity: I am capable of desiring the good for another person, […]

Freedom and Truth

Here’s the point: freedom and truth are not extrinsic to one another. The truth isn’t incidental to the nature of freedom. For freedom to be free, it must stand in dialogical communion with the truth. Freedom has content. To round out the point, we aren’t made free in circumventing the truth. We’re made free on […]