Church Authority

Belief, Insight, and the Truth-Telling Thing

The Catholic life sometimes runs: Insight first, then belief. You see a truth and then happily find the Church teaches it. But it often runs: Belief first, then insight. We don’t get very far in the Catholic life without the second. We find, as we grow in our faith, that the belief points us and […]

The Principle of Catholic Belief

Anyway, one day I must have come home bruised, for my mother told me that the next time one of the boys teased me, I should punch him as hard as I could. To my nine-year-old self, this was confusing. I knew that Jesus had told us to turn the other cheek, and I didn’t […]

Why Would We Ever Want to Be Anywhere Else?

“But things are going so wrong now!”, some say. In the satirical writings, dialogues, of the 14th c. Italian author Boccaccio there is story about a Jew who has to go to Rome for something.  The local Bishop has been trying to get the Jew to convert the Christianity.  Knowing the Jew was about to […]

Cardinal Sarah on Doctrine and Pastoral Practice (Also, Prayer and Fasting)

When it comes to contemporary questions about the relationship between doctrine and pastoral practice, the cardinal makes it clear he supports no separation: The idea of putting Magisterial teaching in a beautiful display case while separating it from pastoral practice, which then could evolve along with circumstances, fashions, and passions, is a sort of heresy, […]

Cardinal Arinze on Followers of Visionaries

It is a negative sign when some Christians follow reported seers or visionaries. They follow them, they feed daily on their writings and utterances, but they won’t read the Gospels, they won’t read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, they won’t read the documents of the pope. —Cardinal Francis Arinze —I read this quote in […]

To Enter Fully Into the Holy Scriptures

This account chows the importance Holy Scripture has for evangelization—and how necessary a guide is for its interpretation: “I can say from my own experience that I am neither more studious nor more saintly than the eunuch who left the royal palace and traveled up from Egypt, from the ends of the earth, to the […]

The Acts of the Apostles and Church Authority

In the online article Three Biblical Arguments for the Authority of the Church for Catholic Exchange, Dave Armstrong highlights three passages. Below is what he wrote about one of those passages. Click on the link above to read rest of this well-written defense of Church authority. Acts 16:4: As they went on their way through […]