To Be Holy, Not Just Comfortable

It’s not the church’s job to make us comfortable… Its job is to help to make us holy. + It’s true that the church should be like the father in Christ’s parable, running to greet the son who’d squandered his inheritance on booze and prostitutes, eager to embrace and forgive him. But note how the […]

Charismatic and Sanctifying Gifts

—from the blog post Charisms =/= Sanctity by Mark Shea at the National Catholic Register The point is that there are two different sorts of gifts that the Church speaks of: charismatic gifts and sanctifying gifts.   Now Paul’s point in describing the charisms is this: your charisms are not for you.  They are the […]

BACON! And now that I have your attention… Saints and Glimpses of God

And whoever the man named Jesus was, He was Jewish. His parents were Jewish. His friends were Jewish. And I’m Catholic. The fact that He was Jewish was summed up, in my immature brain, with one thought: He never ate bacon. And yet here I am, His follower, and I like my bacon extra-crispy. He […]

Only Sanctity

As Joseph Ratzinger put it, shortly before becoming Benedixt XVI: “The only really effective apologia for Christianity comes down to two arguments, namely, the saints the Church has produced and the art which has grown in her womb.” + The future of American religion depends on believers who can demonstrate, in word and deed alike, […]

Women in the Church and Sainthood

Priests, I explained, have as their sole purpose the sanctification of the laity through word and sacrament precisely so as to enable great Catholic lawyers, business leaders, writers, journalists, investors, parents, teachers, etc. to make the world a holy place. The book of Revelation holds out to us the image of the heavenly Jerusalem, with […]

A Simple Duty

Holiness is not the luxury of a few people, but a simple duty for you and me. —Blessed Mother Teresa —from YouCat: Part 3 – How We are to Have Life in Christ, Ch. 2: Human Community

What are you aiming for?

Are you aiming for purgatory or heaven? If you are aiming for purgatory, you are a fool. God desires you to be a saint, He desires union with you here and now. He can and will make you a saint if you would only yield to His work in you. —Dan Burke, in an email […]