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Love Without Method Or Means

As regards to the intensity with which God should be loved, Saint Bernard wrote: “You ask me for what reason and by what method or means God ought to be loved. My answer is that the reason to love God is God; the method and means are to love him without method or means.” —Navarre […]

Expectations of Pleasure and a Willingness to Suffer

Christ’s whole life was a cross and martyrdom; and do you expect pleasure and enjoyment for yourself? … The higher persons advance in the way of perfection, the heavier will they often find crosses to be. This is because the more their love of God grows, the more painful is their exile from God. However, […]

The Authority of Sinners

So, clearly, Jesus does use sinners to represent him. But what does this say about the trustworthiness of the teachings of those representatives (i.e., infallibility)? We have already seen in Matthew 10:7 that Jesus appointed Judas to preach. But how could he know Judas, a thief and future traitor, would get it right? The answer lies further […]

A Great Moral Teacher, A Failed Revolutionary, Or The Messiah?

“For when you get down to it, is not the popular idea of Christianity simply this: that Jesus Christ was a great moral teacher and that if only we took his advice we might be able to establish a better social order and avoid another war? Now, mind you, that is quite true. But it tells […]

Where is the Successor?

In April of 2005 the newly elected pope Benedict XVI came onto the front loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica to bless the crowds. Gathered around him on the adjoining balconies there appeared all of the cardinals who had just chosen him. The news camera’s caught the remarkably pensive expression on the face of Cardinal Francis […]