The Miracle of Birth

[W]e often talk about the “miracle of birth”. However a miracle is an event that occurs with no human/natural explanation. At Christmas we celebrate the only true Miracle of Birth that occurred once in human history. —from the blog post A Christmas Thought by Dr. Joe Strauss Advertisements

Presents and God’s Presence

This Christmas (well, really Advent, but that’s a topic for another time) I had been especially concerned and felt restless about the birth of Jesus and Christmas day being consumed by Consumerism whose goal it seems is to turn Christmas into just some day in which it is our right to get presents from people […]

On Santa Claus Who is “more fully alive than any of us”

Which brings me to my next point, Santa Claus is a real person. So it’s not a lie to say that Santa Claus is real. He has died, yes. But he’s not really dead. He’s alive in heaven, which means he’s more fully alive than any of us. Santa Claus = Sinter Klaas = Sint Nikolaas […]

To Jesus through Mary

If the world wanted what is called a non-controversial aspect of Christianity, it would probably select Christmas. Yet it is obviously bound up with what is supposed to be a controversial aspect (I could never at any stage of my opinions imagine why); the respect paid to the Blessed Virgin. When I was a boy […]

To Believe in a God Who Shows Up

Our age, which tends to prize being excessively wise as a serpent over being excessively innocent as a dove is not really smarter for it. It’s just more closed to the possibility that God might, in fact, show up. That’s not a virtue. It’s just cynicism and cowardice about being laughed at as a fool. […]