What in our “Temple” needs to be purified?

Today the Church is the sacred Temple of Christ’s body; it is most itself when it gathers to pray as his body, and around his body and blood. Does it mean that the Church, in its institutional dimension, is beyond criticism? Obviously not. Sometimes we need the Lord to come into the Temple and clean […]

Mark Twain and The Parts of Scripture That are Unmistakably Clear

Mark Twain reportedly said, “It is not those parts of Scripture that are difficult to understand that most concern me, but those parts of Scripture that are unmistakably clear!” + As our culture turns further away from God, the prophetic revelations of Scripture become more pertinent to our time. Our current situation is stunningly described […]

Genuine Love of Jesus is Not the Rejection of God’s Truth

Genuine love of Jesus involves making an effort to keep God’s commandments. Particularly the commandment of brotherly love, following the example of Christ who went as far to die for us. The persecutions and difficulties of a follower of Christ inevitably meets up should never shake his faith or discourage him. On the contrary, they […]

He Loves You

We can see how deeply Jesus feels from the way he weeps over Lazarus. This weeping shows him to be truly human and it also evidences God’s love for man. “Jesus is your Friend—the friend—with a human heart, like yours, with most loving eyes that wept for Lazarus. And as much as he loved Lazarus, […]

John 9 Commentary

What an example of firm faith the blind man gives us! […] What power could the water possibly contain that when the blind man’s eyes were moistened with it they were cured? Surely some mysterious eye salve, or precious medicine made up in the laboratory of some wise alchemist, would have done better? But the […]

Mary: True Mother from Beginning to End

The presence of the Blessed Virgin at the miracle, as also her presence later at Calvary (19:25), shows our Mother’s involvement in the work of Redemption. Mary cooperates in Jesus’ work from beginning to end; she acts as a true mother, and in both episodes we can see her special solicitude towards everyone. At Cana […]

The Introductions to The Passion of the Christ

The gospels have been described by one 19th century German theologian as “passion narratives with long introductions”.  The good news that Christians had to tell–indeed the only news they had to tell–was not that Jesus was a moralist, or a miracle worker, or pro-life, or told some nifty stories.  It was that he was God incarnate who […]