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When is a Soul Closest to God?

The Eastern Orthodox teach that the soul is closest to God not when he is receiving consolations or is experiencing some great miracle or wonder, but it is when he truly and honestly utters the words, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on me a Sinner.” At that point the soul takes a […]

Always A Child

870 Don’t try to be older. A child, always a child, even when you are dying of old age. When a child stumbles and falls, nobody is surprised, and his father promptly picks him up. When the person who stumbles and falls is older, the immediate reaction is one of laughter. Sometimes, after this first […]

Peace vs. Neutrality and Compromise

Jesus is our peace, He is reconciliation! But this peace is not neutrality, it is not compromise at any cost. This peace is not the peace of the grave! Following Jesus means renouncing evil, selfishness and choosing good, truth, justice, even when it requires sacrifice and renunciation of one’s own interests. —Pope Francis —8/18/13 during his […]

The Purpose of the Church’s Teachings

[A]s we grow in love of Jesus, we discover the teachings of the Church in a new light: they are designed to protect love–the precious gift of Christ poured forth in our hearts. When we seek to love God with all of our heart, mind, strength, and soul, and to love our neighbor as our self, […]

Fly Super Girl, Fly

Katie had two strokes when she was tiny and is now classified as being autistic. Which means many things to different people. I’ll offer one example. My dad lies in bed, in a large hospital in England, having also suffered a serious stroke, but he is at the other end of life. We all sit […]

A Mandate to Love Others Away From the Culture of Death

But we’re a culture that insists that new and unplanned life is a problem, not an opportunity for expanding ourselves in self-giving, sacrificial love. A culture that has distanced itself from the cross — the redemptive infusion of meaning to our suffering — convinces itself that abortion is a necessary solution to a problem. And by doing so […]

What the Church Offers

We know that the Church is against abortion, and more importantly, we know why.  We know what the Church — and what Jesus Christ, for His mercy endures forever — can offer instead: Life, abundantly. That is what the Church offers.  That is what Christ offers.  Being pro-life means saving the life of innocent children so […]