Chesterton vs. Trends and Fads That Undermine the Family

Chesterton was so consistently right in his pronouncements and prophecies because he understood that anything that attacked the family was bad for society. That is why he spoke out against eugenics and contraception, against divorce and “free love” (another term he disliked because of its dishonesty), but also against wage slavery and compulsory state-sponsored education […]

On The First Day of Christmas or: “When the world’s party has ended, ours has just begun.”

It all comes to an abrupt and undramatic end on Christmas Day. All the decorations in the stores magically disappear and the horrible music mercifully ceases. That is when Christmas actually begins. Christmas Day is…the First Day of Christmas. We have twelve days of feasting and celebration. When the world’s party has ended, ours has […]

An Era of Carnality

Written in 1939: We are living today in what might properly be called an era of carnality. As the appeal to the spiritual relaxes, the demands of the flesh increase. Living less for God, human nature begins to live only for self, for “no man can serve two masters: For either he will hate the […]

What Both the Prude and the Hedonist Forget

Babies and sex are connected and both the prude and the hedonists seem to forget this fact. —from the blog post Babies, Sex, and Birth Control by Leticia Adams

The Importance of Remembering That There are Seven Deadly Sins

The traditional Christian view of sexuality is more essential to the faith as a whole than many modern believers want to acknowledge. Like most Christian dogmas, from the identity of Christ to the doctrine of the Trinity, it doesn’t just rest on a literal reading of a few passages in Scripture, which can easily be […]

The Church and Contraception: “…she was the only one who explained what we felt.”

—from the National Review article What the Pill Has Wrought… The Truth of Catholic Teaching on Contraception Begins to Register by Mark Regnerus My wife and I elected to pursue a tubal ligation for her immediately following the birth of our third child, in 2008. We regretted it within three months. We thought it would […]

Contraception, NFP, and Scrabble

When we talk about contraception, especially methods with no abortifacient potential, people tend to say, “Well, NFP is the same thing.  You’re preventing births. You’re just using time, rather than a physical barrier, as your thing to avoid pregnancy.” This gets a little comical half a second later, when you say, “Gosh, if they are the […]