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What Would I Be Without Communion?

534 Receiving Communion every day for so many years! Anybody else would be a saint by now—you told me—and I… I’m always the same! Son, I replied, keep up your daily Communion, and think: What would I be if I hadn’t received? _______________ 710 You are worried and sad because your Communions are cold and […]

Be a Sellout!

So what do I actually say to the parents who are bereaved at their children’s loss of faith? I say what I say to any Catholic. “Be a saint!” By the grace of God be the most reverent, most radical, most radiant and sold out follower of Jesus Christ. Leave everything and follow him. Sell […]

The Immeasurable Figure of Christ

473 Cast away that despair produced by the realization of your weakness. It’s true: financially you are a zero, and socially another zero, and another in virtues, and another in talent… But to the left of those zeros is Christ… And what an immeasurable figure it turns out to be! ______________ 475 You realize you […]

To Praise God and Love the Cross

252 Make this firm and determined resolution: to recall, when you receive honors and praise, everything that brings you shame and embarrassment. The shame and embarrassment are yours; the praise and the glory are God’s. _______________ 658 If things go well, let’s rejoice, blessing God, who makes them prosper. And if they go wrong? Let’s […]

Points on Prayer: Perseverance

99 When you go to pray, let this be a firm resolution: Don’t prolong your prayer just because you find consolation in it, nor curtail it just because you find it dry. ———- 101 Persevere in prayer. Persevere, even when your efforts seem sterile. Prayer is always fruitful. ———- 104 Pernoctans in oratione Dei—“He spent […]

Points on Prayer: Action

81 Action is worthless without prayer; prayer is worth more with sacrifice. ———- 88 You seek friendship of those who, with their conversation and affection, with their company, help you to bear more easily the exile of this world—although sometimes those friends fail you. I don’t see anything wrong with that But how is it […]

Jesus and His Church: Love and Truth

The Church is Catholic . . . that means all are welcome; The Church is one . . . that means we have a Person — Jesus — and His moral teaching that unite us; The Church is apostolic . . . that means that His teaching was entrusted to His apostles, and carefully handed-on by His Church.  The sacred duty of […]