Sincerity, Humility, and Obedience

And again, I would like to say three words to the soul that is determined to strive for sanctity and to derive fruit; that is to say, benefit from confession. First [word] — complete sincerity and openness. Even the holiest and wisest confessor cannot forcibly pour into the soul what he desires if it is […]

From the Whisper in Eden to the God Within

If pushed too far, the quest for a “Supreme Self” can blur into the most ancient human temptation, the whisper in Eden that “ye shall be as gods.” + But the strictures that orthodoxy places on its mystical seekers, […] they’re a useful reminder that the promptings of one’s inner self aren’t necessarily identical to […]

When We Bend Our Knee

To genuflect means, literally, “to bend the knee.” In the ancient world the knee symbolized the strength of a man. If a man is struck in the knee, he stumbles and falls; his strength is taken from him. When we genuflect before the Lord, our strength is not taken from us; rather, we willingly bend […]