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Kids at Mass and All of Your Neighbors

“If I’m going to be completely pro-life, I gotta be pro-crying in the church.” —Fr. Andrew Kurz on Morning Air with Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio on 2/11/14 (Hear more in the clip below.) + Be kind to all of your neighbors ‘cuz they’re just like you and you’re nothing special unless they are too. […]

Is It True That God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle?

“We might have to let go of somethings in our lives as a result of the crosses that come to us. That doesn’t mean that we can’t handle them.” —Fr. Boniface Hicks on The Inner Life with Chuck Neff on Relevant Radio on 1/29/14. (Listen to his full answer in the clip below.)

The Treasure of the Church

“The Church is the Palace of the Poor” __________ __________ “We guard these these things as the treasury of the poor because the treasure of the Church are the poor.” —Fr. Rich Simon on Relevant Radio’s Go Ask Your Father – 3/20/13 —Click HERE to hear an additional 5 minutes of Fr. Simon’s answer.

Lent #2: Much Ado About Prayer and Fasting

Below are three 3-minute audio clips of Father Rich Simon talking about prayer and fasting on Go Ask Your Father on Relevant Radio. ————————————— PRAYER AND FASTING “Prayer… is primarily to allow God to do His will.” ————————————— WHY PENANCE AND FASTING? “Fasting is not about trying to convince God that we’re really miserable and […]

A Candle is Worth a Thousand Years

In time for the final Sunday of Advent is this audio clip from earlier this week on Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show. Drew’s guest, Fr. Nicholas Federspiel, talks about the Advent Wreath and the Advent teachings of Fr. Alfred Delp. “In a half an hour I’ll know more than you do.” —Fr. Alfred Delp (as told by Drew […]

Law Cubed

Children of God stand above present things; they contemplate those that are eternal. …they do not allow temporal things to attract them, nor do they cling to them; instead they make those earthly things serve the end and purpose for which God made and ordained them. For the Divine Artist did not leave anything in […]