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Mother Angelica and the Value of a Single Human Life

I wonder sometimes when I read about the great saints and scholars, masterful musicians and heroic physicians, how much of their greatness came not in spite of their humble and even horrific beginnings,but precisely because of them. + I’m not advocating for a life of poverty or abusive childhoods here. Just challenging the prevailing cultural notion […]

The Foundation for Respecting Human Dignity

Opposition to abortion and euthanasia forms the necessary foundation for respecting human dignity in other areas such as education, poverty, and immigration. —from the article Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching by Christopher Kaczor   I want every young girl, including my two granddaughters, to be able to – as you say – “choose their […]

Two Philosophies of Life

Actually, there are only two philosophies of life: one is first the feast, then the headache; the other is first the fast and then the feast. Deferred joys purchased by sacrifice are always sweetest and most enduring. + Christianity, unlike any other religion in the world, begins with catastrophe and defeat. Sunshine religions and psychological […]

The Serpent and the Cross

Our blessed Lord was now declaring that He was to be lifted up, as the serpent had been lifted up. As the brass serpent had the appearance of a serpent and yet lacked its venom, so too, when He would be lifted up upon the bars of the Cross, He would have the appearance of […]

Cana and Calvary

At Cana, Our Lord was referring to Calvary and saying that the time appointed for beginning the task of Redemption was not yet at hand. His mother was asking for a miracle; He was implying that a miracle worked as a sign of His Divinity would be the beginning of His death. The moment he […]

What in our “Temple” needs to be purified?

Today the Church is the sacred Temple of Christ’s body; it is most itself when it gathers to pray as his body, and around his body and blood. Does it mean that the Church, in its institutional dimension, is beyond criticism? Obviously not. Sometimes we need the Lord to come into the Temple and clean […]

The Only Recorded Acts of Christ’s Childhood

The only acts of Christ’s childhood which are recorded are acts of obedience—obedience to His Heavenly Father and to His earthly parents. The foundation of obedience to man, He taught, is obedience to God. The elders who serve not God find that the young serve them not. —from Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen, Ch. […]