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A Really Simple Answer, Pt. 2

In the end, I have decided to begin using a particular phrase in response to questions about my expressed dismay at this madness: “Because I am not a protestant.” … I became Catholic because I recognized that the Church has properly claimed that it is the Church of Christ. The Church teaches, admonishes and instructs […]

A Really Simple Answer, Pt. 1

Catholics have a really simple answer as to why we accept the Deuterocanonicals and why we accept The Letter to the Hebrews and all 4 Gospels and all 27 books of the New and the entire corpus of the Old and that is… The Catholic Church says so. And Jesus Christ is the divine bridegroom […]

The Basis of Unity

Matter divides, as spirit unites. Divide an apple into four parts, and it is always possible to quarrel as to who has the biggest part; but if four men learn a prayer, no one man deprives the other of possessing it—the prayer becomes the basis of their unity. —from Peace of Soul by Venerable Fulton […]

WWSD: What Would the Saints Do?

Saints surely do exemplify what the Catholic Church is and what she stands for. They are the best and the most authentic advertisements we have. What I’d like to add is that the details of their lives are a rich source of spiritual direction –not simply in their concrete responses to concrete situations but especially […]

Ample Time For Prayer

Question: Perhaps the most persistent and frequently cited impediment to a contemplative prayer life is what you often refer to as a lack of time or time pressure. …but perhaps you could offer a few pertinent pointers to aid the many people who are convinced that they cannot fit contemplative communion into their busy daily […]


Below is something from a homily I heard last year about how we can use the word CHRISTUS to help us remember how we should receive or prepare to receive Holy Eucharist. C – Charity H – Humility R – Reverence I – Indigent S – Sanctity T – Trembling U – Unity S – […]