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Sister Lucia On Our Lady of Fatima’s Request to Pray the Rosary Daily

She believes God is a Father who “adapts Himself to the needs and possibilities of his children. Now if God, through Our Lady, had asked us to go to Mass and receive Holy Communion every day, there would undoubtedly have been a great many people who would have said, quite rightly, that this was not […]

A Religion That Is True

And as the new religions of the last century quickly bloomed and quickly withered, what replaced them? Did people return to the traditional faith? A few did. The sincere soul who seeks will find the truth. But for the most part, we have seen a movement away from religion altogether. We have moved from “It […]

A Real Religion

This is the true reason why so many churches are emptying. People are not abandoning the churches because they are too religious, but because they are not religious enough. People are not stupid. They understand that if a religion is about no more than mouthing spiritual platitudes and working at the soup kitchen, then they […]

Dov’è Cristo?

Jesus came in the most unexpected of ways; the King of Kings was born in a manger as a baby. His coming was not shouted from the rooftops, nor did he come as a great warrior, like so many of the Jewish people expected. Since Jesus’s birth was concealed from most of the world, Italian […]

Chesterton vs. Trends and Fads That Undermine the Family

Chesterton was so consistently right in his pronouncements and prophecies because he understood that anything that attacked the family was bad for society. That is why he spoke out against eugenics and contraception, against divorce and “free love” (another term he disliked because of its dishonesty), but also against wage slavery and compulsory state-sponsored education […]