Silence and Patience

______________________________________________________ 297 There is no genuine action or major decision except in the silence of the prayer that precedes them. 298 Today the danger lies in the unbridled activism of the modern world. We are always called to fight, to comb the countryside, to overthrow our adversaries, and to destroy them. Indeed, man is driven […]

Shame, Shame, Shame Or: When We’ve Done What We Know We Shouldn’t Have Done

Our age is not an age of identity because we all sat around, contemplated, and found nestled in our psyche a whole batch of identity-nuggets that our forefathers had missed — our sex, race, gender, orientation, culture, and ideology. Our age is possessed by the immense will to identify ourselves within ever-expanding categories of being […]

Grace, Beauty, Goodness, Truth, and Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

But why is [A Charlie Brown Christmas] still going strong after almost half a century? Revolutionary animation? The brilliance of its jazz soundtrack? An adorable beagle who sleeps on top of his house? Nope, nope and nope..though Snoopy is pretty cool. What keeps A Charlie Brown Christmas on the air year after year is because […]

Baseball and Theology and Good ‘Ol Charlie Brown

Something for the start of the baseball season. And something just for fun… the very first Peanuts comic strip!

It’s Spring Again, Charlie Brown

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Something a little different just because I like Good Ol’ Charlie Brown.