The Church

The Scandal of Division and the Love of Private Judgment

Catholics need to stop cit­ing this num­ber, not only because it is out­landishly false but because it is not the point how many Protes­tant denom­i­na­tions there are. The point is the scan­dal of divi­sion and the love of pri­vate judg­ment that has caused so much of it. The scan­dal would be no less if there […]

Trigonometry and Infallibility

Pretend for a moment a Pope is infallible not only in matters of faith or morals, but in trigonometry. He is presented with an examination consisting of one hundred trigonometry problems. What is the least number of problems he will answer correctly? Someone who says “one hundred” may understand trigonometry, but his understanding of infallibility […]

A Living Church

The fact is that no church looks exactly the same as that of the New Testament era, and, since Christ founded a living Church, one should expect it, like any living thing, to grow and mature, changing somewhat in appearance while maintaining the same identity and substance, holding on to the original deposit of faith […]

To Think With the Church

In his Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius of Loyola set down eighteen rules for “thinking with the Church” that are fundamental to the discernment of spirits. The Latin phrase sentire cum Ecclesia, “to think with the Church,” succinctly identifies the truly Catholic state of mind.  Christ and His Church possess “the same Spirit which governs and directs us for the […]

A Striking Trait of the Saints Through the Centuries

St. Augustine (and Vatican Council II, which cited him) made the classical remark that “a person possesses the Holy Spirit to the extent of his love for Christ’s Church” (OT, no. 9). Jesus in the New Testament so identifies himself with the Church he founded and loved into being that he is able to say […]

Fulton Sheen: If I Were Not A Catholic

I originally saw the part in bold below in a youtube video that didn’t cite where this passage from Fulton Sheen came from. With a little bit of searching, I found that it came from a preface that he wrote for Radio Replies, Vol. 1. He also wrote the preface for Vol. 3. Radio Replies, Vol. […]

Unity, Pt. 2 Or: Why Catholicism is Not a Guessing Game

In other words, we live in a culture that rejects objective truth. “That may be true for you, but not for me,” people say. Or, “Anybody’s opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.” We’ve all been affected by these attitudes. But Jesus taught something very different. He taught that he is the truth (see […]