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St. Basil, St. Augustine, and Cardinal Newman’s Toast to Conscience and the Pope

[Saint] Basil knows that love consists in keeping the commandments. for this reason, the spark of love, which has been put into us by the Creator, means this: “We have received interiorly beforehand the capacity and disposition for observing all divine commandments … These are not something imposed from without.” Referring everything back to its […]

An Inordinate Love of Any Sum

The sin of covetousness includes therefore both the intention one has in acquiring the goods of this world and the manner of acquiring them. It is not the love of an excessive sum which makes it wrong, but an inordinate love of any sum. —from Victory Over Vice by Venerable Fulton Sheen, Ch. 7 – […]

On Guilt

[T]he feelings of guilt, the capacity to recognize guilt, belongs essentially to the spiritual make-up of man. […] It is as necessary for man as the physical pain that signifies disturbances of normal body functioning. Whoever is no longer capable of perceiving guilt is spiritually ill… —from On Conscience, a collection of two essays by Joseph […]

Cheerleaders for Jesus

We will never find salvation in a political party and we should be apologists and uncritical cheerleaders for no one but Jesus Christ. —from the blog post Trump and Hilary, models of fallen human nature by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble

A man of conscience is…

I would say, when we are speaking of a man of conscience, we mean one who looks at things this way. A man of conscience is one who never acquires tolerance, well-being, success, public standing, and approval on the part of prevailing opinion at the expense of truth. + Thus, two standards become apparent for […]

The Capability of Man to Perceive the “Should”

When the only thing that determines what is morally right is one’s individual, subjective judgment, then there is no overarching moral truth to which all are bound. In such a situation, those who have the greatest power can impose their positions on other, unchecked by any authority apart from themselves. Indeed, such an understanding of […]

Church on Sunday

Someone emailed me last week and said he “had church” with his family the previous Sunday when he took the gang down to the beach for a swim. It was “fun” and they “enjoyed each other.” It was “sacred in its own way,” he said. That may be true, but we have 168 hours in […]