Faith and Reason

Turn Around

But as tempting as it is to tell horror stories about humanities departments, I will restrain myself. I will simply quote Chesterton: “The modern world does not need to be satirized; for it is satirizing itself.” [G.K.’s Weekly, Oct. 20, 1928] + We must teach faith and reason. We must teach the human things. It […]

That Abortion Is Wrong Is Not a Matter of Faith

There are those—including those running for political office—who consider abortion to be a matter of faith. They will even say that they are personally opposed to abortion but that they have no right to impose this religious belief on other people. But this is clearly wrong. That abortion is wrong is not a matter of […]

Belief, Insight, and the Truth-Telling Thing

The Catholic life sometimes runs: Insight first, then belief. You see a truth and then happily find the Church teaches it. But it often runs: Belief first, then insight. We don’t get very far in the Catholic life without the second. We find, as we grow in our faith, that the belief points us and […]

Romans 8:28 and Faith and Hope and Understanding

The blocked quotes below are from the book How to Be Holy by Peter Kreeft. As Leon Bloy often said, “Life, in the end, has only one tragedy: not to have been a saint.” —Ch. 1: Ten Reasons to Read This Book Romans 8: 28 We know that all things work together for good for […]

Faith, Science, and the Story of Creation in Genesis

However, the Pontifical Biblical Commission issued a decision more than a century ago that is helpful, titled “Concerning the Historical Nature of the First Three Chapters of Genesis” (1909). It is worth reading: The first three chapters of Genesis contain narratives of real events, no myths, no mere allegories or symbols of religious truths and […]

Mythology, Philosophy, and Christendom

The crux and crisis is that man found it natural to worship; even natural to worship unnatural things. The posture of the idol might be stiff and strange; but the gesture of the worshipper was generous and beautiful. He not only felt freer when he bent; he actually felt taller when he bowed. Henceforth anything […]

Believe! Or: How To Understand and Be Certain Of the Resurrection

“Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore, seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.” —Saint Augustine ____________________ I believe that God rushes to meet us when we move even one finger into this vulnerable place of not knowing. When you come to God humbly with your earnest questions, […]