Crosses and Suffering


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Two Philosophies of Life

Actually, there are only two philosophies of life: one is first the feast, then the headache; the other is first the fast and then the feast. Deferred joys purchased by sacrifice are always sweetest and most enduring. + Christianity, unlike any other religion in the world, begins with catastrophe and defeat. Sunshine religions and psychological […]

What the Prosperity Gospel Lacks

But like many forms of liberal Christianity, the marriage of God and Mammon half-expects somehow to undo the Fall, through the beneficence of Providence and the magic of the free market. In its emphasis on the virtue of prosperity, it risks losing something essential to Christianity—skipping on to Easter, you might say without lingering at […]

The Not-So-Best Sellers

It would be no problem at all to list a dozen themes that are both prominent in the New Testament and are rarely spoken of from most pulpits. Among these we may mention self-denial, temptation, sin, evil or idle talk, sparing-sharing way of life, virginity, detachment, continual prayer, hell, heaven. Factual poverty is one of […]

The Only Thing That Makes the Church Endurable

Of course it’s easy to say all of this in a general way, but very difficult to experience it in the vivid and personal ways in which Catholics’ sin and failure come. In Scripture, the Church is likened to Noah’s Ark (see 1 Pet. 3:21-22). And so it has often been said, if it weren’t […]

Suffering Redeemed in Music and in Jesus

But it is not enough that a rock musician becomes suffering. He could scream out of his window and achieve the same effect. It must be redemptive. Suffering sung is suffering that has been separated from the singer’s life and given a new life as an object apart from him and the turmoil with which he […]

The Cross is Not a Couch

I could have easily featured the entirety of this blog post, The Weakness of Love in a Wold of Hate, by Father Anthony Gerber. The whole thing is very good and very well written and worth highlighting. Below is only a portion of the introduction (to give you an idea what the blog post is about) and […]