Social Justice

“But who do you say that I am?”

The central problem of the century is also the central question of our lives. The problems of poverty—like the problems of keeping peace—will never be finally resolved in this life. But we recognize the central question: the question that allows for a simple, definitive, declarative answer. “But who do you say that I am?” [Mt […]

A Real Religion

This is the true reason why so many churches are emptying. People are not abandoning the churches because they are too religious, but because they are not religious enough. People are not stupid. They understand that if a religion is about no more than mouthing spiritual platitudes and working at the soup kitchen, then they […]

Faith, Politics, and the Model You Want

From the blog post Dorothy Day: The model you want by David Mills Peter [Wolfgang] equally politely explained that “It is the heterodoxy and bad catechesis that I was calling out, not politics that differ from my own on matters on which there can be a legitimate plurality of opinion.” Then he said the striking […]

The Foundation for Respecting Human Dignity

Opposition to abortion and euthanasia forms the necessary foundation for respecting human dignity in other areas such as education, poverty, and immigration. —from the article Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching by Christopher Kaczor   I want every young girl, including my two granddaughters, to be able to – as you say – “choose their […]

The Good Life Ideal and Social Justice (If We Can Afford It)

Ethicists, secular, as well as religiously inspired, seem to be of one mind in this matter: It can be argued that the single dominating and organizing value in American culture is economic—the good life (an ideological structure). Our American culture promotes and rewards this and thereby educates to it. Even our universities have capitulated to […]

Greed vs. Solidarity and Subsidiarity

Of course a person’s training, education and experience are worth a financial compensation, but in America we have fallen into the trap of measuring a person’s human worth according to their financial standing. + What if we were to stand things on their head and start out with the basic value system that we are […]