Apostolic Succession

The Weakest Link

—from the blog post A reader struggles with his faith by Mark Shea whose blog is Catholic and Enjoying It! He writes: […] I feel that I am losing my religion.  I had once believed that the Holy Spirit guides the College of Cardinals in the selection of the most wisest holiest candidate for the position. Why would you […]

The Authority of Sinners

So, clearly, Jesus does use sinners to represent him. But what does this say about the trustworthiness of the teachings of those representatives (i.e., infallibility)? We have already seen in Matthew 10:7 that Jesus appointed Judas to preach. But how could he know Judas, a thief and future traitor, would get it right? The answer lies further […]

Where is the Successor?

In April of 2005 the newly elected pope Benedict XVI came onto the front loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica to bless the crowds. Gathered around him on the adjoining balconies there appeared all of the cardinals who had just chosen him. The news camera’s caught the remarkably pensive expression on the face of Cardinal Francis […]