Actual Participation in the Liturgy

Vatican II called for actual participation in the liturgy, actuosa. Not so much “active” participation, but actual in Latin. What is “active” participation? So often active participation means to get as many people on their feet or involved as possible, fabricating something that we came up with. “Active” participation means innovation. Active participation more often […]

Ad Orientem/Versus Populum and the Opportunity for an Encounter with Mystery

—from Fr. Z’s blog post ASK FATHER: Why on earth did they start offering mass “facing the people”? QUAERITUR: Why on earth did they feel it necessary or even salutary to start offering Mass facing the people? I think there are several factors for why the altars got turned around. Before launching in, the great […]

A Reaction to the Most Essential Part of the Mass

—So he remained seated and felt pretty uncomfortable for a while. Now came the most essential part of the Mass. He tried to follow, but could not remember what the priest was saying or what his movements signified, though he had read about it once.— But in the stillness which suddenly filled the church, when […]

In This Silent Adoration

He tried to grasp the meaning of some of the things the priest was doing before the altar. But the man turned his back to the people the whole time, and they could not possibly hear a word of what he was whispering while he moved about up there, doing things. And by degrees, as […]

The Five Minute Catholic’s 5 Reasons to Get Dressed Up for Mass

Below is a revised version of something that I originally wrote some time ago to share with my kids about dressing up for Mass. I think it is true that God wouldn’t want what we wear to be a barrier for us to go to church and that first and foremost He wants us at Mass no […]

At Least Two Reasons Why How You Dress for Mass Matters

How you dress matters. There are at least two reasons why. First, because of what it says to others. Dressing nicely communicates respect and honor. When you dress specially for Mass, you’re telling God, “You are worth the effort; you deserve my best.” It tells your fellow worshippers, “I take Mass seriously; it’s not just […]

What Real Religion is About

This is what real religion is about: a transaction with the supernatural, the threshold of heaven, the staircase to the stars, the grittiness of repentance and redemption, the soul’s salvation and the heart’s homing. All the churches that are declining are declining into moralistic therapeutic deism…..and they will continue to decline because what they are […]