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Real Presence

To celebrate a memorial was not simply to think fond thoughts about dead people and long-ago happenings. To Israel, it meant to re-live the original event. Jews who celebrated the Passover believed that they became contemporaries with their ancestors. They believed that all the time between the Exodus and their own day collapsed into a […]

We Need Our Prayers

I am sure that God cannot be manipulated. And God doesn’t need our prayers. We need our prayers. When we pray the Memorare, or any other prayer, we are not trying to bend God to our will. We are trying, through our prayer and devotion, to bend ourselves to God’s will for our lives. We […]

That’s Heaven!

I have no idea what heaven will look like. I’ve got a very strong hunch, though, that it will include the best versions of the things and people I love most on earth. That’s not wild speculation. Salvation history, as read in the Bible and in our lives, is the story of God patiently—ever so […]

Death and Dignity

Dignity is when you surround the suffering person with the love and care that reminds them that no matter how badly their body is functioning, they have not lost their value, and they have not lost our attention and they have not lost our love. Nor have they lost their place in society. That’s where […]

We Love Mary Because of Christ

The following are reflections from the 33 Day Marian Consecration put together by Dr. Taylor Marshall and the New St. Thomas Institute. It includes quotes and teachings from 33 Catholic Saints. Day 1: Saint John Paul II Saint John Paul II called his own 33 Day Consecration to Mary the “major turning point” of his […]

What Real Religion is About

This is what real religion is about: a transaction with the supernatural, the threshold of heaven, the staircase to the stars, the grittiness of repentance and redemption, the soul’s salvation and the heart’s homing. All the churches that are declining are declining into moralistic therapeutic deism…..and they will continue to decline because what they are […]

To Live Now the Way We Would Like to be Found at Death

It’s spiritually  healthy—Ignatius reasons—to live now the way we would like to be found at death, when we will look back on our lives from God’s perspective. What will we value then? What will we regret? What will seem most precious and what will seem simply a lamentable waste of time and talents? … At […]