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A Portrait

Every catechism that I have ever seen lists the “twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit”… it is seldom that the twelve fruits get more than a passing mention in religious instruction classes. … Perhaps the simplest procedure would be to see what that portrait [of a truly Christian man or woman] looks like. … First […]

A Call

I call you as a Catholic, to forget about the labels, be a liberal sometimes, a conservative sometimes, but a Catholic first. —Archbishop Charles J. Chaput addressing the issue of Catholics in politics after the Vice Presidential Debate

The Divine WORD and the Eucharist

…Consider the divine Word. In the Bible, God creates the whole universe through the power of his word: “Let there be light,” says the Lord, “and there was light” (Gn 1:3). The prophet Isaiah speaks for Yahweh and says, “For just as from the heavens the rain and snow come down and do not return there until […]

Love Naturally?

…I’ve heard them say over and over, “Love shouldn’t be this hard, it should come naturally.” In response I always say something like: “Why believe that? Would someone who wants to play professional baseball say, ‘It shouldn’t be so hard to hit a fastball’? Would someone who wants to write the greatest American novel of […]

Good Enough?

Below is the full text of an article I read at my church at a meeting for parents who have kids preparing for First Reconciliation. I found it online HERE. Emphasis added and comments in red (in the style of Fr. Z) are mine or come from the discussion at the parent meeting. A Good […]