Pain, Sacrifice, Love, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Sacrifice without love is pain. Pain with love is sacrifice. Pain without love is misery. Love without pain is heaven. Love with pain is purgatory. Pain without love is hell. —Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Wartime Prayer Book —I came across the quote above in the Opening the Word program – March 18, 2018, Year B on […]

We are most like God the Creator when…

Why should we praise and thank God, since God needs nothing from us? But need is not the point. Love is. God mad the world from nothing, needing nothing from the world, and our response to this grace is grateful praise—the response of a loving heart to the God who loves. We are most like […]

The Communion of Saints

C.S. Lewis, referring to Saint Augustine, says, “He who has God and everything else has no more than he who has God alone” (The Weight of the Glory). But don’t we need each other too? “People who need people…” Saint Thomas Aquinas asks, in the Summa, whether the fellowship of human friendship is necessary for […]

Belief in Heaven and Hell

Lewis: No, wait. Let’s not get bogged down in the swamps of “spiritual senses.” Let’s use words as literally has we can. I have not been in either heaven or hell. Kennedy: Fine. Then how can you possibly know anything about them? Lewis: I’ve been told. Kennedy: What? What do you mean? Lewis: Do you […]

To Climb, Not Coast

Heaven is a city on a hill, hence we cannot coast into it; we have to climb. Those who are too lazy to mount can miss its capture as well as the evil who refuse to seek it. Let no one think he can be totally indifferent to God in this life and suddenly develop […]

Marriage and Heaven

That is why Pope John Paul II taught that marriage, in addition to being about union and fruitfulness, was also ordered toward the “healing, perfection, and exaltation” of the spouses. Marriage between the baptized doesn’t just lead to the care and nurture of children. It leads to Heaven. —from the blog post What Catholics Need […]

That’s Heaven!

I have no idea what heaven will look like. I’ve got a very strong hunch, though, that it will include the best versions of the things and people I love most on earth. That’s not wild speculation. Salvation history, as read in the Bible and in our lives, is the story of God patiently—ever so […]