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Unity, Pt. 1 Or: Catholic Math — one church plus one church plus one church plus… equals ONE CHURCH

A while ago I was thinking about how many different Catholic churches had supported and played a role in my return to confession/conscious decision to really learn and live my Catholic Faith. From there I started thinking about all of the Catholic churches that have been a part of my life. And as best as I can remember, I’ve been to more than 60 Catholic churches (around the United States and around Europe) in over 36 years.

For me this group of more than 60 churches serves as a reminder of just one of the many things that’s amazing about the Catholic Church: The Church is One. Where else could someone receive the exact same teaching of the Faith, celebrate the same weekly or daily worship service, etc. in any part of the country or world?  I believe only a Church established by Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit could pull that off and maintain that for nearly 2000 years. No other religion or Christian church, that I’m presently aware of, truly provides that very same type of consistency and more importantly, unity.

Non-Catholics, from what I’ve read and heard, often have to start from scratch finding a church if they travel or move. And even if they find a church of the same denomination, they still never know for sure what they’re walking into because the Pastor or Elders of that particular church may interpret and teach things differently than at their home church or old church. But when Catholics walk into a church for Mass, they know they’re going to hear the same Scripture readings and receive the same Body and Blood of Christ and in communion with every other faithful Catholic around the world at Mass that day.

—by The Five Minute Catholic from a reflection on his own journey of faith


One comment on “Unity, Pt. 1 Or: Catholic Math — one church plus one church plus one church plus… equals ONE CHURCH

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