The Gap Between Sin and God

Catholics call completion of that… process “Purgatory”. Call it what you will, but if you really think that you can endure and enjoy the full light and fire of God a second after you die, being essentially the same kind of being you are now, without any additional divine operations on your soul, then you […]

Purgatory Finale, Pt. 3: 3 Results from Reading about Purgatory

A reading of this book should have three immediate and practical results: First, it will make us want to work to relieve the sufferings of the Poor Souls in Purgatory; second, it will inspire us to amend our own lives so that we do not have to go there; and third, it will motivate us […]

Purgatory Finale, Pt. 1: To Shorten Our Purgatory

Now, what are those means which we have to employ in order to avoid, or at least shorten our Pugatory and mitigate its rigor? They are evidently those exercised and good works which most assist us to satisfy for our faults in this world and to find mercy before God, namely, the following: devotion to […]

Help for the “hungrier and needier”

We help the hungry and needy in this world but neglect those in the next who are even hungrier and needier. —from Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory by Gerard J.M van den Aardweg, p. 61

Saints on Prayers for Souls in Purgatory, Pt. 2

“To assist the souls in Purgatory,” says St. Francis de Sales, “is to perform the most excellent of the works of Mercy, or rather is is to practice in a most sublime manner all the works of Mercy together…” + This doctrine agrees very well with that of St. Thomas who says in his Summa, […]

Saints on Prayers for Souls in Purgatory, Pt. 1

“One of the holiest works, one of the best exercises of piety that we can practice in this world,” says St. Augustine, “is to offer sacrifices, alms, and prayers for the dead.” (Homil. 16). “The relief which we procure for the departed,” says St. Jerome, “obtains for us a like mercy.” Considered in itself, prayer […]

A Trifling Sacrifice of Great Value

After prayer comes fasting, that is to say, not only fasting properly so called, which consists in abstaining from food, but also all penitential works of what nature soever they may be. It must here be remarked that this is a question not only of the great austerities practiced by the saints, but… also of the […]